The White Rose

By H.M. Prison Kirkham

The Inside Art group at H.M. Prison Kirkham in Lancashire have created a large mosaic honouring the White Rose Group, a resistance movement by five students at Munich University in 1942.

You can read about the White Rose Group here.

The artwork features a White Rose within a flame, made up of hundreds of archival historic photographs of Nazi Germany and the members of the White Rose Movement.

The words within the flame are the text from a leaflet calling for active opposition to Nazi oppression. The two leading members of the group, Hans and Sophie Scholl are featured in portraits at the top of the artwork. Hans and Sophie Scholl threw the leaflets from the university balcony. They were arrested by Gestapo and executed.

Facilitated by Sarah Fleming.

Artwork by H.M.P Kirkham Library Inside Art group – Lee Smith, Geno Boyoh and Matthew Lydiard

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