One Place to Another

By Scottish Refugee Council 

One Place to Another is a short film made by six men from Eritrea, sharing their experiences of escape from the threat of unlimited national service and, in the case of four of the men, persecution as members of the Pentecostal faith.

The six men worked with filmmaker Kevin Cameron using a combination of green screen and animation to convey the harrowing journeys that they made across North Africa, prior to crossing the Mediterranean. The film highlights a part of the story of refugees from Eritrea that is perhaps unfamiliar to people in the UK, but reflects commonality with the stories of those who have had to escape acts of genocide. The film asks the viewer to show solidarity with refugees in the face not only the persecution they have fled but also the hostility and challenges they may face as they begin to make a life in a new place and asks us not to stand by.

This artwork was commissioned by Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.
Produced by Scottish Refugee Council and Kevin Cameron, with support from Maryhill Integration Network and Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.

Kevin Cameron – Filmmaker & Workshop leader
Assisted by Anna MacKenzie, volunteer at Scottish Refugee Council
Suzi Maciver, Arts & Cultural Development Officer at Scottish Refugee Council
Rose Filippi, Development Worker at Maryhill Integration Network

For their own safety, participants asked that only their first names be used in any publicly available materials:
Henok, Robel, Hamid, Surafel, Tomas, Mulugeta

Scottish Refugee Council is an independent charity that has been campaigning passionately for refugees and providing vital advice and advocacy services since 1985. In 2015, Scottish Refugee Council celebrated 30 years of working to ensure that all refugees in Scotland are treated fairly, with dignity and that their human rights are respected. Its vision is for a Scotland in which all people seeking refugee protection are welcome. To find out more about how you can stand up for the protection of refugees, show solidarity and influence Scottish Refugee Council’s work visit

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