Heroes of the Kindertransport

By Barnabas Balint

This artwork outlines a few of the journeys made by children on the Kindertransport from 1938-1940. It uses the actions of individuals to humanise the 10,000 child strong transport and the people who made it possible.

In addition to the heroic 10,000 children who, separated from their parents, traveled on the transport, this also highlights two rescuer characters. Nicholas Winton and Mr. Smith were both people who helped with the Kindertransport in their own way. Nicholas Winton arranged for the addition of Czechoslovakian children to the transport and organised for the travel of 669 children. Mr Smith from London sponsored 6 children (at £50 a child) to enter the UK. This highlights the actions of individual rescuer heroes across the UK and how these small actions had a massive impact.


Barnabas is a Youth Champion from Hampshire.


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