Gad – A tribute

By Haslemere Young People’s Exhibition

Young people working with Haslemere Educational Museum have created a film installation. Two screens show films which interact with each other, through a large metal flame.

The work is based around the idea of word clouds. One cloud is made up of negative ideas linked to discrimination and the other positive ideas to counter discrimination. The clouds are animated so the negative words travel through the flame which represents education and resistance to emerge as positives.

The story of hero Gad Beck is told over the animation which is interspersed with images and actions filmed against green screen to represent some of the moments in the narration. The story of Gad Beck emphasises the positives that come from resisting discrimination & educating against it. We wanted to create a physical installation rather than just a film as being based in a Museum we are very aware of the power of objects.

You can read Gad Beck’s life story here.

Haslemere Educational Museum is an independent museum established in 1888. Education has always been at the core of the Museum’s being and we have had a teenage group since 2001. The HYPE (Haslemere Young People’s Exhibition) team are aged from secondary upwards and work on various projects that usually result in some form of exhibition or film. HYPE members also volunteer at many Museum events and are great ambassadors for the Museum.

Kay Topping – Education Officer & Project manager
Craig Hills – Jellytree Productions, video production
Diana Burch – Artist & adviser

Jonathan Ashton
Joe Mullender
Sam Mullender
Charlie Repp
Elsie Stump
Gabriel Wilson
Eliza Wilson
Gemma Ashton
Dominic Fry

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