Behind the Books

By Retford Oaks Academy

This sculpture by students at Retford Oaks Academy in Nottinghamshire honours Miep Gies, the woman who helped Anne Frank and her family when they were in hiding.

You can read Miep Gies’ life story here.

The students explored themes of hiding, books and freedom. The section in the centre of the scultpure illuminates books as a record of history and that hidden within books is information that can save lives. Flying out of the top are three paper doves which represent freedom.

Adam Oprych,  Teacher of Art, Retford Oaks Academy
Caroline Slifkin, Holocaust Educator
Garry Clarkson, HMDT Support Worker

Monza Lembo
Ella Aitken
Holly Brown
John Davies
Shaun Harrison
Jessica Lee
Lexi Neale
William Tompkin
Jade Wilkinson
Loren Davis
Courtney Ward

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