A Glimmer of Hope

By Mahala Titterton


From silent eyes and chilling cold

Stares that linger in the mind

We were not there – we only heard

From voices echoing a cruel find


Hearts and hands were worthless made

In shadows deep and deadly trait

Cruelty beyond belief was there

Beyond the tracks and deceitful gate


Yet man has learned – surely so

The way of looking for a beam

Of light to follow to make dull

The dark past and begin to dream


Of future ways to reconcile men

In kindness and equality each call

Can aim to strive for peace,

For love, for ever, for all.


Mahala Titterton is 72 years old and lives in Derbyshire.

“I am 72 years old and I have visited The Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam.  I have a penfriend who lives near Amsterdam.  I have regular news letters from the Museum and will never forget my visit.  I lead the church choir in my village and love music.  I volunteer at the local primary school where I am a Governor.  We must never forget how lucky we are to enjoy the freedom we have today due to the struggles and bravery of those who died.  There is such cruelty in the world even now but we must show our resolve and always, always remember.”

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