A flame for Carl and Rwanda

By Sawston Village College

Year 7, 8 and 9 students from the International and Arts forums at Sawston Village College in Cambridgeshire have worked with textile artist Ricki Outis to create an artwork honouring Carl and Teresa Wilkens. Carl was the only US citizen to stay in the Rwandan capital of Kigali during the 1994 genocide.

You read Carl’s life story here.

The students chose to work in textiles to reference the banners used in protest marches, blankets used to give comfort and covers used to shroud the dead. The Memorial Flame in the centre is darker at the bottom and lighten towards the top, inspired by the progression from dark to light in the ‘Window of Hope’ in the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre in Rwanda. Reading View. The three panels are separate, but joined, emphasising the importance of togetherness.

The textile piece includes print of words, photos and drawings that tell Carl’s story and show the wider context of the genocide in Rwanda.

Lesley Morgan, Arts Development Officer, Sawston Village College
Ricki Outis, Artist
Helen Day, Head of Art, Sawston Village College
James Woodcock , Assistant Principal, Sawston Village College

Sophie Brock
Josie Rainsford
Tamar Fishgang
Lucy Fallon
Pedro Eusebio
Tiago Conceicao
Julianna Minett
Nisia Conceicao.

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