Flame made from handwritten text
Artwork by Megan Auld, HMDT Youth Champion

About the Flames for Humanity’s Heroes project

Flames for humanity’s heroes is a project taking place across the UK for the Holocaust Memorial Day 2016 Arts Programme.

12 groups from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were commissioned to create an artwork that will help to tell the stories of people across the world who didn’t stand by to hatred and persecution.


Your artwork

Now we want to showcase your artwork on the same theme. Below is a downloadable sheet with some short stories of British heroes of the Holocaust which may be a useful starting point.

British Heroes of the Holocaust (PDF, 370kb)

You can see more life stories and educational resources on the HMD website: www.hmd.org.uk/lifestories.

If you would like to honour a different or contemporary person you can choose to do so.

The criteria for being a ‘Humanity’s hero’ are:

  • Someone who didn’t stand by to genocide, hatred or persecution (e.g. racism, homophobia, prejudice against disabled people)
    and either:
  • their actions took place in the lead up to, or during, the Holocaust, or were on behalf of victims of Nazi Persecution, or took place during one of the subsequent genocides marked on HMD
  • or their actions have taken place recently and have challenged hatred or persecution in today’s society.

All artwork should incorporate or be inspired by a commemorative flame, like the one featured in the HMD logo.


Submit your artwork

You can send your artwork in a range of formats, such as:

  • Image files: photographs, digital images, scans of paintings, collages or illustrations
  • Film files: videos or filmed performances
  • Sound files: music, songs, soundscapes or spoken word
  • Text files: poems, short stories or essays

Submit your artwork by clicking on the Submit link in the main menu.

If you have any questions, you can contact us on arts@hmd.org.uk.


Holocaust Memorial Day 2016: Don’t Stand By

This project is part of Holocaust Memorial Day 2016: Don’t Stand By, organised by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.