Don’t Stand By

/by Alex Murphy
By Will Norland Will Norland is a Year 11 pupil at Sawston Village College. He made this poster for...

Flames for Humanity’s Heroes

/by Alex Murphy
By Drumlins Integrated Primary School P7 pupils in this primary school in Ballynahinch, Northern Ireland have completed three weeks of...

Day and Night and Day

/by Alex Murphy
By Lisa Paulick I was only a boy following orders, plodding along sure of nothing Arbeit Macht Frei, the...

In Circles

/by Alex Murphy
By Lisa Paulick   Swastika/star Germany/Palestine Hitler/Himmler Goebbels/Eichmann Barbed electrified fences Broken defenses   Shalom/Gesundheit A strand of mirthless...

Yad Vashem

/by Alex Murphy
By Lisa Paulick The final march began much like the others This one during the night, as the snow...

Tangles and Knots

/by Alex Murphy
By Lisa Paulick How this prickly surge of fear bleeds into my nausea Limping back to the ghetto like...

Never forget

/by Alex Murphy
  By Kamila Nogal Kamila is a Polish Year 10 student from Kettering Southfields School for Girls. She was inspired by...

A child to a child

/by Alex Murphy
By Thomas Ashton School Kim McDonough, Arts Co-ordinator at Thomas Ashton School and class teacher for Emin Group along with...

White Roses

/by Alex Murphy
By Dominican College Pupils from Dominican College, Fortwilliam, Belfast created this display in response to learning about the heroes of...

The New Arrival

/by Alex Murphy
By Works4Me Works4Me are a small group who recycle and update old furniture to sell in our shop, providing...
Clare Twomey's spoons

Humanity is in our Hands

/by Alex Murphy
By Clare Twomey Ceramicist and academic Clare Twomey met Nisad ‘Šiško’ Jakupović, who survived the notorious Omarska concentration camp...

Behind the Books

/by Alex Murphy
By Retford Oaks Academy This sculpture by students at Retford Oaks Academy in Nottinghamshire honours Miep Gies, the woman...

The White Rose

/by Alex Murphy
By H.M. Prison Kirkham The Inside Art group at H.M. Prison Kirkham in Lancashire have created a large mosaic...